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By providing Baltimore students access to educational experiences abroad, you are helping to develop empathetic, action-oriented global citizens who can communicate and connect across a wide variety of cultures. Every dollar donated will directly benefit our students. Our team is volunteer-driven, and 100% of our profits go to student programming. Thank you for being more than just a voice; thank you for taking action today! Cheers to you! 

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Know Where Your Money Is Going!


None of your money goes into anyone's pocket. B More Global is a 100% volunteer-driven organization, and no salaries are paid so all funds directly support our mission of growing global citizens. 

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

Contribute at any of the following levels to be recognized as a B More Global Sponsor!

 Click here to see a full list of sponsorship benefits and information on our discounted sponsorship rates.


$5,000 - Title Sponsor

$2,500 - Platinum Sponsor

$1,00 - Gold Sponsor

$500- Silver Sponsor

$250 - Bronze Sponsor

Individual Giving Levels

We value contributions of any dollar amount; individual donors meeting the amounts specified below are acknowledged as:


$1,000 - Jetsetter Level

$500 - Globetrotter Level


$250 - Adventurer Level

$100 - Sightseer Level

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