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Our Global Curriculum

B More Global works with school-based staff to implement our unique curriculum, typically beginning to work with the students a year before their sojourn. The curriculum is broken into four units, each aimed at guiding students' development in an area that will help prepare them to be responsible global citizens before, during, and after their travel. The units include: 

  • Respecting Differences, Appreciating Overlaps–planting seeds of thought in students as they prepare to think about cultural differences and similarities they may find when they leave their home community.

  • I Am My Own Advocate!–equipping students with the entrepreneurial and public speaking skills to advocate for themselves in all arenas, but most tangibly in outreach to potential sponsors to solicit donations that ultimately fund student travel.

  • Adventure and Flexibility–pushing participants to step outside their comfort zones and begin to think about the types of adventures that may arise when outside their home environments and how we can be flexible in the face of change and the unexpected.

  • Becoming a Changemaker–tying lessons learned from the trip to future plans for being a changemaker, students are pushed to identify areas for development in their own communities and how they can become agents of change as they continue in their schooling and beyond.


In addition to the individual student development and growth in preparation for the trip, the curriculum is also designed to support the group in forming bonds in preparation for their travels together.

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