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Putting Baltimore's students on the map

Transforming lives & growing global citizens: B More Global provides Baltimore’s students with a year of culturally-rich extracurricular programming culminating in a fully-subsidized study abroad experience to spark a lifetime of interest in foreign cultures and a commitment to become changemakers in their communities and beyond.

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Former Traveler Spotlight!

We are proud to showcase the tremendous accomplishments of some of our past participants. Click below to read their interviews and learn more about how our global citizens are putting themselves on the map!

How do you think the BMG experience affected you and your trajectory from middle school?

The BMG experience affected me by getting me interested in studying abroad and introducing me to Dominican culture, architecture, and food! It also sparked my interest in using my foreign language skills with native speakers to improve my listening and speaking skills and understanding of colloquial sayings. My experience with BMG affected my trajectory from middle school because it gave me the skills and confidence to apply for more study abroad opportunities in the future and made me feel well-prepared to represent the United States when traveling internationally. It inspired me to take further and longer trips abroad, including an Arabic immersion program in Amman Jordan over the summer of 2022, and ultimately developed my love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Towards the end of 2022 and the start of my final year as a high school student, I got
the news that I would be attending Princeton University on a full-ride scholarship. This couldn’t have come to me without a great investment of dedication and energy, which makes this one of my proudest achievements. I remember when I had to write about 30 essays in 10 days for all the colleges I was applying to through QuestBridge. It was a really excruciating time for both me and my college advisor, who had to stay up late at night reading and editing the essays I wrote. I am most proud of all the work I have put in over the years of my high school career and look forward to all the work I have to put in the future in order to reach my goals and achieve more success.

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